DHAATHREE FOUNDATION  inception in 2019, has strived to provide needed financial assistance to members taking part in works of children, women welfare, disability, disaster management, education & literacy, food and agriculture, health & nutrition, legal awareness & aid, rural development & poverty alleviation, orphans  and skill development (tailoring and Embroidery, beautician course  etc.,,) activities for unprivileged sector in our target area.

As a recipient, committee member, reviewer, board member, and now President, I can confidence that the DHAATHREE FOUNDATION  has much to be proud of. Our programs truly make a difference in lives of others. It is incredibly rewarding for me were able to help get an Assistantship or successfully complete as welfare programme of the DHAATHREE FOUNDATION. Our efforts have incalculable ripple effects, as they allow DHAATHREE FOUNDATION members to network with others and have the financial freedom to embark on new professional opportunities.

I would like to thank the many individuals who have guided the DHAATHREE FOUNDATION, including the current and former members of the DHAATHREE FOUNDATION Board of Directors, Committee members, and our many grant reviewers for their leadership.

I hope you will donate to the DHAATHREE FOUNDATION. Your donations make a tremendous impact of strength and conditioning.



Mrs. Dr.S.SWATHI M.A. Ph.D.,