Aim's & Objectives

  1. The society shall be for the benefit of all persons belonging to whatever irrespective of caste colour and Religion.
  2. To implement activities that are purely charitable / non-religious is nature and not motivated for profit of the society shall be irrevocable.
  3. To conduct income generation Training Programes like Computer Education, Spoken English, Typewriting, Fashion Design Course, Beautician Course, Tailoring and Embroidery, Art and culture, Manufacturing of handicrafts of various hand works, leaf plate and paper plate making trainings, Artisans, Saree Rolling and Jardhasi Printing and so on for the women for their sustainable development to stand on their own legs.
  4. To arrange conducting free Medical camps, HIV/AIDS camps, Free Eye Camps, Dental Checkups, Pulsepolio immunization and children nutrition and sustainable nutrition supplementary food for the malnourished.
  5. To established women care, women rehabilitation, women homes, women trainings, women welfare and development schemes for all category women.
  6. To established orphans schools by giving shelter, food clothing and education and provide employment opportunities to the orphans.
  7. To promote the welfare activities for the women and children, handicapped, mentally retorted, differently abled, orphans and semi-orphans.
  8. To introduce Yoga and Meditation Practices to bring the mind, body and soul to be in a controllable peace suitable for their dignified life and build Healthy world.
  9. To organize Homes of old aged persons, windows, deserted women and Physically Handicapped and also organize village industries and small scale Industries to create employment in rural urban areas.
  10. To conduct environmental awareness programs, Bio-Diversity conservation and Agriculture Sustainable programs.
  11. Formation of Self Help groups and promoting them by creating awareness, and motivate the SHGs, DWCRA groups and all multipurpose groups also provide them support services for income generation programmes. To form self Help Groups (SHGs) and conducting Awareness Training on Thrifts and savings.
  1. To identify the school dropouts and place them back into the government schools to continue their education. Awareness on this importance of education to their children is given to the parents also.
  2. To conduct sports and games, cultural activities in the rural and urban areas to save the young students wasting their time in activities harmful to the community. This case sports and games will develop their health instead of spending their evening hours in gambling and other unrighteous activities.
  3. To encourage the marginal farmers to use the manure prepared by vermin – composed units instead of purchasing to open market manures.
  4. To accept donations gifts, grants, subsidy from the well wishers and donors to give support home for aged. Home for leprosy people, home for orphans, home for deserted and destitute.
  5. To celebrate the National Festival like: Independence day, Republic day, Formers day women day children’s day, Youth day, May day, Environment day, population day and etc.,
  6. To raise funds and acquire properties by loans from Nationalized Banks, RMK, NABARD, NMFDC, NDFDC, NSTFDC, SFC,KVIC/KVIB etc and hire financers to achieve the above said objectives.

Vision & Mission


  • To help build a more influential, equal and socially conscious society


  • Dhaaathree Foundation drives social change by fostering an integrated development for women & young adults & children learn, lead and thrive