Wear Helmet – Save your Life

15 Jul 2021

The Traffic Police Department of Pune enforced this rule with an aim to lower the number of accidents and the casualties resulting due to the same. life is precious. Helmets have been in existence since the middle ages. However, they were restricted to military use in the earlier times. With time the designs and the use of helmets evolved. The headgear now was also used for protecting players’ head while playing games and safeguarding the riders of a carriage. Today, the significance of a helmet is all the more germane as the roads are heavily flooded with speeding vehicles and the chances of being in an accident are very high. Also, the patch works and continuous development of the Indian roads increase the chances of accidents.Wearing a helmet helps to reduce the impact of an accident on your head. While riding your two-wheeler, it is very likely that if you are involved in an accident, then the resulting head injuries can be fatal, if you are not wearing a helmet. If you face a collision without wearing a helmet, it might cause external as well as internal brain injuries, which can cost your life. Thus, you should wear helmets to protect your life.

The  Police deparment is making an awareness to the public and conducted a rally in madanapalle from II town police station to-town bank circle-Bangalore Busstand-II town police station.The flag hosted by Sri Ravi manohar achary (DSP-Madanapalle).All the police staff excluding on duty ,Dhaathree foundation team members also participated in the rally.