Covid Relief programme (Oxygen concentrators to Govt. hospital)

06 June 2021

As the sudden increase in the mortality rate due positive cases are one of the reason for non availability of oxygen .Madanapalle is the Covid care center in this zone.every emergency case is going to refer tirupati for better medication. Dhaathree Foundation with the immense support from sphoorti foundation and SIRDS had provided 7 Oxygen concentrators to Govt. Hospital covid care center. Out of seven Concentrators four are for Madanapalle and rest three is for B.Kothakota Govt Hospital.All the concentrators are Handed over to Govt hospital staff by the Honerable MLA Sri Nawaz Basha.SIRDS Representative Hema sekhar , founder of Dhaathree Foundation  and Govt Hospital staff were present at the relief programme.